Honest Consultancy Services

Business competition is inevitable. While some consultancy firm has been working hard to make a name for themselves, there are those who just plain ruins it. Being in this line for so many years, I think I've almost heard it all. From consultants that take clients' money, don't deliver and run away to consultants that just can't deliver what the clients want.

However, recently there seems to be a new breed of "consultants" mushrooming in the industry. They claim to be 'Certified', 'Chartered XXX', 'Never failed to deliver" and so on. As peers in the industry, we have never even heard of them. Checks with the claimed "chartered association" under their name will have zero results. Searches on Linkedin.Com will result in - never heard of Directors, no past historical achievements listed no the internet, almost nothing. SSM checks will reveal that these blokes are just fresh in the industry for 2-3 months but they dare claim to be in the industry for years. They aren't even a Sdn Bhd entity.

We respect our competitors and peers. Honestly, we really do. We believe everyone is just out there working hard to make a living and earning an honest day's pay but to new comers, I implore you not stain the industry with over inflated claims that are just short of being lies. Don't give the rest of us consultants a bad name. Getting business is more than just publishing false claims on your website or boosting your ads on Google. It's really more than that. If you new comers want to know more? We are available to strategically position your business operations and processes to grow your business to the next level. Just scroll to the bottom of our webpage and key in to the inquiries section.

Thank you.

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