Toys 'R' Us files for Bankruptcy Protection

In today's published article on ChannelNewsAsia.Com , the iconic company Toys 'R' Us are filing for bankruptcy protection as the retailer faced intense pressure from skittish suppliers.

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We do agree that to some extent, one of the reasons why it faces such a fate is because the retail industry is caught in a viselike grip of online shopping and discount chains.

Business landscape is every evolving. As business owners, we have to grow and adapt our business according to the market trends and strategically place our businesses to be highly competitive. There's a saying “The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving.” which we think it's very true. Should Toys 'R' Us have embarked upon this online shopping concept, perhaps their fate could have been very much different than what it is today.

In Malaysia, the with the on-going DFTZ initiative we believe now is the right time for businesses to embark upon online shopping / eCommerce. Wanna know more? email us and we'll help you position your business on the online landscape.