Registered as ACCCIM member

We have recent became a part of the ACCCIM family as an affiliate member. Our goals are to assist the local Chinese Business Community achieve higher competitiveness in the market through strategic business alignment and also to embrace the digital age

The Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (ACCCIM) is the national level organisation of the Chinese chambers of commerce in the country. It has 17 Constituent Members located separately in the 13 states of the nation. In fact ACCCIM is the earliest national level chamber of commerce to have a complete regional representation in the country.

The ACCCIM was founded on 2nd July 1921 as a society under Malaya's Societies Act. Direct and indirect membership of all Constituent Chambers are well over 100,000, representing Malaysian Chinese companies, individuals and trade associations in particular and the Chinese business community in general.

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